Focus and Scope

The FORCE publishes original and innovative research papers intertwined with the field of Economics, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Business Administration, Marketing, Management, and other related areas in Social Sciences from various research perspectives. While the emphasis is on Economics, the FORCE is a multi-disciplinary journal in which research in Social Sciences are also welcomed. 

The FORCE accepts manuscripts written only in English. The editor(s) seek manuscripts that: 

* develop theoretical, conceptual, or methodological approaches to contemporary Economics,
* present results of empirical research that advance the understanding of Economics, Finance, Banking, Accounting, Business Administration, and Management,
* explore innovative and futuristic policies that describe and evaluate strategies for future actions in the field of Economics,
* analyze and discuss issues, and present current research in related fields of Social Sciences.

The manuscripts are submitted online by free format. Accepted manuscripts will be set in to APA 7.0. Topics of central importance to both modern theoretical research and present economic reality are given importance for publication process. The topics of research include but are not limited to:

* General Economics,
* Microeconomics,
* Macroeconomics,
* International Economics,
* Financial Economics,
* Public Economics,
* Labor and demographic Economics,
* Law and Economics,
* Business administration and business Economics,
* Personnel Economics,
* Economic systems, development, innovation , technological change and growth, 
* Agricultural and natural resource Economics,
* Urban, rural, regional, real estate and transportation Economics,
* Other related topics.