Internal audit practitioners' perspectives on corporate governance compliance

Case of Namibian regional councils

Keywords: Corporate governances, Internal audit, Ministry of urban and rural development, Namibia, Regional councils


Internal audit practices improve the quality and importance of the management system, thereby increasing the efficiency and efficiency of the organization. The evaluation of internal audit is self-motivating, especially in terms of increasing attention to the contribution of corporate governance. The compliance by Internal Audit practitioners in Namibia Regional Councils to Corporate Governance principles was evaluated. Qualitative data was collected using an interview guide. Purposive sampling was used to select internal auditors from Namibia Regional Councils and the officers of Ministry Urban and Rural Development (MURD). Content analysis was used to analyze qualitative data. Results showed that Namibia Regional Councils’ Internal Audit practitioners have a negative impact on compliance with Corporate Governance principles because the internal audit department of RC is small compared to the amount of work involved. This issue may not result in corporate assurance, timely disclosure and accurate disclosure of performances of financial positions. The study fairly concluded that most Regional Councils in Namibia do not clearly comply with Corporate Governance principles by Internal Audit practitioners to enable them to efficiently and effectively.


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Author Biography

Kavii Priesca Tjivau, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Ms Kavii Priesca Tjivau is completed her masters in internal Auditing at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Dec 2020. She is currently a regional auditor with the Government of Namibia.

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